Services for private persons

We serve individuals in a wide range of cases which require legal expertise.

We examine if the client has legal expenses insurance that covers the lawyer's fee fully or partially. If there is no insurance or if it is not suitable for the matter in question, we examine if the client has the opportunity to receive general legal aid, in which case the lawyer's fee is paid either fully or partially from state funds.

Contract law

We draft all kinds of contracts between private individuals, such as sales and purchase agreements. 

Dispute resolution

We represent our clients in all kinds of private disputes.

Employment matters

We prepare and review all sorts of labor law documents and provide legal advice and handle disputes related to employment relationships.

Family and inheritance law

We prepare e.g. inheritance distribution agreements and testaments. We also act as an estate liquidator and distributor ordered by the district court.

Criminal law

We assist the parties in a criminal cases from the preliminary investigation to the end of the court proceedings.

Real estate

 We provide legal advice related to real estate matters and represent our clients in disputes related to real estate, housing and construction.

Contact us

Contact us and we'll discuss your situation. We respond to contact requests made via our website on the next business day at the latest.